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Getting around Bali 'free-and-easy' using alternative transportation methods is generally speaking not that easy. There are loads of taxis and “bemos” (chartered vehicles with drivers) available on Bali, thats not the problem. You should take into consideraton that there is almost always the D-tour to the commission paying Souvenir Shop and the same counts for the Restaurant referalls you get from your (taxi) driver which are commisionable to him as well most of the time. If you dare you can try to go by public transport / buses or minibuses, but the latter are usually crowded and you will have to stick to a 'schedule' which isn’t reliable nor convenient and can even ruin collecting beautiful impressions and sceneries from your vacation time.

Include : 
  • 1 or 2 Sanitized Helmets
  • Full Tank of Petrol
  • Extensive Quality Check
  • Free Delivery and Return in Area A